moments by kate

Life happens. One minute, your newborn baby is opening her eyes for the first time, and the next she’s off to her first day of school. Blink and you’ll feel like those precious moments are gone.

Couch snuggles and backyard play times come and go, and many times all we have to remember them is a mediocre photo taken with a phone, often in “selfie mode”. Even worse, parents and spouses can get so caught up in trying to capture these special moments that they are often not in the photos themselves, and they miss the magic of it all.

These priceless moments in life are meant to be treasured, in high quality – with you in them!

It’s time to take back your moment!

With Moments By Kate, you can book an on-call professional photographer that will capture these special memories, using natural lighting for high-quality images. Not only are you now in these moments that you would otherwise miss, but you get a cherished view and a high-end photo as a documented memory to see what really went on.

One day, you and your children will look back at the memories captured of the beautiful life you made together. There will be crying, there will be laughter, they will say “remember that vacation, remember that day?” What were once vague memories, can now be turned into a story, so you and future generations can see what your life was really about.

Book time with me, whether it is planned or spontaneous, and capture the moments you don’t want to miss. With no long-term commitments, and flat-rate pricing and packaging, your family can capture as many photos as you would like, as often as you would like! The best part is that YOU will be a part of those photos, YOU will be a part of those memories.

Moments is not meant to replace formal yearly sessions, but rather be a service in addition that captures your family throughout the course of your lives.

Watch the memories unfold for the DeChristopher Family.

To watch the full video, click here.

Moments by Kate

$ 150
  • 30 Minutes
  • 20 Edited Images

the process

Book Me: On-call, same day availability

Take Back Your Moment

Cherish the Memories: A digital download will be available to you within two weeks, as well as printed photos once a month, and an updated video every six months just for your family. As you capture more moments throughout your life, I will continue to update your video so you can tell your story and see your memories unfold.

the details

Moments by Kate is a flexible arrangement that allows your family to get the most important things documented in a casual environment. Worrying about outfits, getting ready, and perfect smiles for the camera are not necessary. The purpose is to live in the moment.

Are you having a play-date with your kids? Call me!

Surprising your family with an early military homecoming? I’m there!

Did your young adult just buy their first car? Shoot me a text.

The idea behind Moments is to capture the things people wouldn’t normally think to call a professional for – like the kids in Sunday school or the first day on the bus – these are the special moments that tell YOUR family’s story, for you and future generations to enjoy.

Now imagine if you had five or ten sessions a year over the course of your lives. Can you imagine how amazing that would be? Over 20 years of images that would tell your story, put together in a documentary just for your family!

What you need to know:

  • Sessions last 30 minutes
  • You get the 20 best images with professional editing
  • $150/session – $50 paid at booking as a deposit, $100 paid at the session
  • An ongoing-online gallery that never expires, printed photos and an updated video is provided every 6 months

reasons to book

While this list can be extensive, it’s just an example of the memories you may want to capture. Each family has its own uniqueness, their own story to tell, so you are not confined to this.


  • Sonogram Appointments
  • Nursery Preparations
  • Baby Shower


  • Learning to Crawl
  • Discovering New Foods
  • Morning Wake-up


  • Couch and Snuggle Time
  • First Hair Cut
  • Potty Training


  • Playing Outside with Friends
  • Sports Practice
  • First Day of School


  • Braces: Before, During & After
  • Cooking Dinner with Family
  • School Events

Young Adult

  • Leaving For College
  • First Apartment
  • Home for the Holidays


  • Airport Greeting
  • Beach Day
  • Cookouts
  • Trick or Treating
  • Family Traditions